Europe Masters 2020

And to finish things off in Debrecen, our last stop was Europe Masters 2020.

After successfully recovering from injuries our players Stefan Stojačić and Stefan Kojić made it back to the regular roster along with Aleksandar Ratkov and Mihailo Vasić

We had a little bit of a shaky start on this tournament also, as team Lausanne posed us problems once again. We finished the group stage as the second seed, which surely meant a tougher opponent in the quarter-finals, but it didn’t matter.

Our players once again proved their quality by beating everyone on their way to the second World Tour 2020 Masters title. Brilliant performance from Stefan Kojić led us to yet another first place, and he recieved the MVP title for such efforts.


Liman – Lausanne 17:19

Liman – Ulaanbaatar 20:16


Quarter-final: Liman – Riga 21:15

Semi-final: Liman – NY Harlem 20:17

Final: Liman – Šakiai 21:15
AddressNovi Sad, Serbia

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