Aleksandar Ratkov – Short Interview

FIBA 3×3 recently announced World Tour return in Doha on November 20-21. Liman is preparing hard, hoping to continue to ride the wave of great success from Hungary. While we are waiting for the tournament to begin, we had our player Aleksandar Ratkov to give us insights on how things are going inside the crew. Today he is answering some of our questions in this short interview.

Listen to what he has to say.

Q: What are your expectations for the upcoming tournament?

A: Three tournaments that we played in Hungary were greatly organized, without a single COVID-19 case. We were obviously expecting more stops until the end of the season, but when WT Doha was announced, it made us that much more happy and motivated. Our goal is always the same – to fight for the first place and play best that we can.

Q: Do you have more self-confidence after great success on past few tournaments?

A: After a long stretch of not playing, it is sure that 2 titles gave us confidence boost for our next obstacles. However, I think that every tournament is story for itself, and that confidence is mostly built by great effort and energy while we are preparing.

Q: Do you think that new names on the next tournament can upset best teams on the tour ?

A: Every year 3×3 grows more and more popular, so good games by newcomers are not a suprise anymore. However, if you want to beat the best teams in the world, you need to provide good games consistently throughout the whole season.

Q: What’s the procedure considering the current COVID-19 situation?

A: The situation is similar. We need to test negative before our trip, and also test negative when we arrive in Doha before the tournament.

Q: Is there fear of being positive on the test?

A: Well the situation in the world is getting worse once again, so of course that there is a certain dose of concern. We are very well aware of the situation, past few weeks we made sure not to expose ourselves to any unnecessary risks. All 5 players are going to get tested, and hopefully at least 4 will be negative. We surely don’t want to play outnumbered, like we did on some tournaments last season.

Q: How do you think next 3×3 season is going to look?

A: Well, as regards for the next season, whole situation is very uncertain considering the format of the World Tour. It consists of a lot of traveling and playing in urban and crowded places. Since I’m an optimist, I hope that the solution, which will put COVID-19 under control, is going to be discovered soon and allow us to continue to live our lives normally.
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