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about us

We are LIMAN 3x3

Professional 3×3 team and currently first ranked squad on FIBA 3×3 rankings.

Stefan Stojačić and Aleksandar Ratkov began their journey as a university team by competing in amateur tournaments that were held in our country. However, it was a long way to get us to the place where we are today. Liman was originally named FTN, but we went through various name and roster changes until finally reaching the point of playing our first professional season in 2017.

Already in 2017. there were a lot of signs of what Liman’s about to become. Stefan Kojić and Mihailo Vasić joined the team and completed our, to this date, recognizable roster.

We finished our first season as third ranked team in the world, which immediately put us on the map with the best. Liman was awarded with the trophy of the Most Improved Team by FIBA, and our captain Stefan Stojačić took the regular season MVP title.

2018. was just continuation of our cinderella story. We wrote history by qualifying for 8 out 9 master tournaments in a single season. With great effort and dedication, Liman established itself as one of the best 3×3 team. We continued to improve both off and on the court, and to kick it up a notch, Maksim Kovačević joined our standard roster, which later proved to be a great decision.

In 2019. season, we managed to qualify for all 11 masters and compete in various challenger tournaments, but it was all unfortunately left in shade of Stefan Stojačić’s calf injury. Despite that, we were still able to accomplish great results and finish off one more successful year.

We decided together that we want to redirect our time and put maximum effort into something we love. Liman was one of the biggest contributors for putting Serbia on 3×3 map, and it definitely is a pride to say that.

People mostly know us by our success in sports, but it is important to mention that our degrees and accomplishments in education and science make us that much different from the rest. We are all working in companies with great reputation, and building our business careers as well.

Year 2020 unfortunately went unexpectedly wrong for all of us, due to the pandemic situation in the world, but we are still trying to make the best out of it. By winning 2 out of 3 Masters in Debrecen we once again proved that it’s no coincidence that Liman is the best ranked team.

2021 is now proclaimed to be Olympic year, and our players and staff surely have highest aspirations and hopes for it, since Liman is definitely main candidate to represent Serbia in the tournament. We are ready to fully commit ourselves for that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

And also, we promise that we will give our best to make the seasons ahead of us as exciting as the previous ones. Everything that is left for you is just to enjoy and continue cheering!

Liman 3×3 Roster:

Stefan Stojačić (Captain)
Aleksandar Ratkov
Stefan Kojić
Mihailo Vasić
Maksim Kovačević
Milan Kovačević

Team Coaches:

Milan Isakov

AddressNovi Sad, Serbia

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