About Us

about us

We are LIMAN 3x3

The best ranked FIBA 3×3 World tour 2018 team and currently first placed on FIBA team ranking list.

We came from Serbia, Novi Sad – Liman as young, educated people, working in good companies in which we are building our business careers.

Important individual successes in other sport disciplines, but also as well as in education and science, makes us different from the other teams.

However, we have decided together to really redirect our time and to make an effort into something we love and also to put 3×3  in Serbia on the highest level. We as Olympics candidates have decided to completely commit ourselves to sport like real professionals and give our best for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Stefan Stojačić and Aleksandar Ratkov started our story on amateur competitions on tournaments in Republic of Serbia, on Faculty of technical sciences and then in 2016, the team have joined Stefan Kojić, Marko Branković and Mihailo Vasić. First professional season for LIMAN 3×3 was played in 2017.

After that incredibly successful season, we took third place on world’s ranking and we got a reward from FIBA for the team that made biggest result movement in the last season.

Also the captain of our team – Stefan Stojačić, so called Mr. robot has been pronounced for MVP FIBA 3×3 of season 2017.

In 2018 we are the only one in history who have made a placement in 8 out of 9 masters for season, we continue to be as successful and to break records. With our great effort and dedication we have established our position as one of the leaders in FIBA 3×3’s ranking.

We promise that we will give our best to make the seasons ahead of us as exciting and as unexpected as the ones behind us and everything that is left for you is just to enjoy and to keep up. Continue cheering for us!

Standard formation make:
Stefan Stojačić (the captain), Aleksandar Ratkov, Stefan Kojić, Mihailo Vasić i Maksim Kovačević

Team coaches:

Basketball coach – Milan Isakov

Strength coach – Darko Krsman

AddressNovi Sad, Serbia

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